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Astroneer Oxygen Filter Guide: How to Craft & Use

Posted on by justin
Astroneer lets players explore planets devoid of oxygen, as, thankfully, the backpack and other items can supply oxygen to Astroneers. One important item in this regard is the Oxygen Filter, and we’re here to help you craft and use it properly in Astroneer.

How Does the Oxygen Filter Work in Astroneer?

Astroneer Oxygen Filter Remember, the Oxygen Filter in Astroneer is a consumable storage item to provide Astroneers with a limited oxygen supply. Players must attach the filter to their backpacks, producing oxygen immediately. The oxygen level of that Astroneer won’t decrease until the filter’s contents deplete. Once attached, the Oxygen Filter can refill seven oxygen canisters to the Astroneer’s oxygen reserves. The container’s blue ring will also illuminate to indicate it’s providing oxygen to the player. However, an Oxygen Filter will temporarily deactivate if an Astroneer connects it to a Tether or another oxygen source, such as an Oxygenator or a Field Shelter. It also deactivates when disconnected from the player’s backpack.

Crafting Oxygen Filters

The recipe to craft an Oxygen Filter in Astroneer is available from the beginning. Players must access their backpacks to craft the item. It also only requires 1x Resin to craft.

Using Oxygen Filters

An Astroneer’s backpack has a built-in oxygen tank capable of storing and supplying up to 72 seconds of oxygen. Sprinting will reduce this period to approximately 45 seconds. Using an Oxygen Filter or tethering to a nearby oxygen source can help mitigate this concern. Like the Oxygen Filter, the Tether’s crafting recipe is available from the beginning. Craft it from the backpack using 1x Compound. Place a Tether by pressing the appropriate key (the “T” key on the keyboard by default for the PC version). A tether line should appear immediately if the next tether post is nearby. Failure to provide an Astroneer with oxygen when the gauge depletes will cause suffocation. It’ll then lead to damage over time, which can ultimately result in death. Note: The in-game Astropedia listed oxygen as an atmospheric resource before patch 1.0.7, leading to some confusion.
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