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Are Minecraft Authentication Servers Down?

Posted on by amber
(Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes)
Sometimes, when attempting to join a server, an authentication error can occur that leaves many players baffled. So, today, we help answer the question, “Are Minecraft authentication servers down?”

Mojang Status

Sadly, Mojang does not offer a direct way to view the status of their authentication servers. However, they will generally release updates on their Mojang Status X (Formally Twitter) account to keep players up to date. If they have shared that there is an ongoing problem, it is simply a matter of waiting.

Third-Party Status Sites

Reddit Logo If Mojang Status has released no tweet, the next places to look are sites like Reddit’s /r/Minecraft or DownDetector. Neither provide official answers, but if others can be found reporting that the authentication servers are down, chances are it is not an issue that can be fixed on your end. The answer would once more be to wait and see.

What to do if Minecraft Authentication Servers are Online

Minecraft Authentication Servers Down Error If there are no signs of trouble anywhere else or Mojang Status has marked the issue as resolved, another possibility is that the client in use is a cracked client. Cracked clients will always receive the “Failed to login: The authentication servers are currently down for maintenance” error when attempting to log in to Minecraft servers. Cracked clients are those that have not been paid for. If the client in use is not cracked, these general troubleshooting steps have been known to help:
  • Restarting the Internet
  • Completely Closing and Reopening Minecraft
  • Logging Out and Logging Back into the Minecraft Launcher
  • Restarting Your Minecraft Server (If Applicable)
If all else fails, the final option would be to reach out to Minecraft’s support team here. They are very quick and often reply within a day. Best of all, there is a very high chance they will soon have you back in the game.
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