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An Inventory's Tale: Sponge

Posted on by bisecthosting

                In times of old, Minecraft servers faced a form of griefing that could call upon the end of days. With all but a single block placement, water rushed like towering tsunamis drowning entire worlds. Lag often the only warning before turning to see the wall of water on its way. Players begged Notch to save them, and in response, a block called sponge was added.

Version 0.0.18a_02 Sponge Blocks

Much like the version we know and love today, sponge removed water, but few remember this humble hero’s past. One block of water in the sky was all a griefer needed for it to spread in all directions infinitely. Sponge, if placed in large groups, stopped the wave in its tracks. Everyone’s hard work saved from becoming an Atlantis build at the bottom of the sea.

Alpha Sponge Block

But with Minecraft’s many updates, water was reworked, and the time of floods came to an end. The heroic sponge sadly retired to a block only available through commands and later creative.

However, fans did not forget, and through their continued requests for sponge, its official return was announced five years later in the 1.8 Bountiful Update. Now with updated textures and a wet form!

1.8 Sponge Dry
1.8 Sponge Wet

Sponge retained its fantastic ability to absorb water, but for a bit of balance, the need to dry them was also added. For five more years, sponge would remain dedicated to its duty until being rewarded with a second makeover in the 1.14 Village & Pillage Texture Update. This time with a much softer appearance!

1.14 Dry Sponge
1.14 Wet Sponge

Finding Sponge Today!

Those in search of this classic block must challenge an ocean monument at the bottom of the sea. An adventure in and of itself but a journey well worth it for the sponge alone if I had a say! Hidden within the monument, sponge rooms with up to thirty wet sponges can be found. Otherwise, beating up a few unfortunate Elder Guardians should drop some.

Don’t forget that the newly obtained wet sponge will not work until dried! A task easily completed by placing wet sponge in the nether, a furnace, or a hot biome like the desert for a few minutes. Did you know wet sponge will fill empty buckets with water if placed in the furnace's fuel slot? Don’t ask me how I figure that one out! It was the wiki.


The times of great floods may have passed, but those looking to test the old water mechanics can always try the classic web browser version of Minecraft. Notice how it automatically spreads in all directions but up?

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