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An Inventory’s Tale: Minecraft Snow

Posted on by amber
In early alpha, there was a chance that the entire world could be covered by snow. Every block white, lakes covered by ice, and the earliest form of biomes made meaningless by only snow being in sight. But while the long-forgotten “Winter Mode” would be removed, snow would continue on in Alpha 1.2.0.

Snow In Minecraft Alpha

Minecraft Snow Layer Like many classic Minecraft blocks, snow had its beginnings in the early alpha, but even there it was unique. To access snow, players needed to enable “Winter Mode,” which would cover the entire world in ice and snow. However, come Alpha 1.2.0, this setting would be removed, and in its place tundra biomes were introduced. The precursor to Snowy plains.

Snow in Minecraft Beta

Minecraft Snow Block Snow would continue on through the alpha and beta relatively untouched until beta version 1.5. This content-filled update included weather which meant snow would fall in Minecraft for the very first time. Most interestingly, however, was this being the version where stacked snow was introduced. A feature that would not be implemented until much later in release version 1.5. As for the rest of the beta, snow biomes would be removed entirely in beta version 1.8, marking the last time tundra biomes were found in-game.


Minecraft Snowy Grass Block With the official release of Minecraft, the tundra was still gone, but in its place were the many snowy biomes we know and love. These biomes included Frozen Ocean, Frozen River, Ice Mountains, Snow Plains. Snow would again go untouched until release version 1.5, when snow began to stack naturally! But from that point forward, snow itself would only see one more change. A texture update in version 1.14.

Powder Snow

Minecraft Powder Snow Block While not the snow our tale has followed, a close relative would make its appearance in 1.17 and cause abundant sorrow. Hidden amongst the snow we have come to know, powder snow sucks the player under, freezing them until they escape or surrender.

An Inventory’s Tale: Minecraft Snow

So, the moral of this story? Wear leather boots to avoid sinking into the snow below. Otherwise, your character enters a permanent winter mode. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =) BisectHosting Minecraft Promotional Image
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