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All MCC Rising 2 Teams Announced – Full Roster, Predictions & More

Posted on by amber
A fierce battle will soon rise, and 40 brand new competitors will be there to give it their best try! Today we explore all MCC Rising 2 teams, the applications that won them their place, and our predictions for who will win and make it to the cannon games.

MCC Rising 2 Details & Date

MCC Rising 2 Promo Image Over a series of nine mini-games, streamers and YouTubers will be competing until only one team remains. MCC Rising 2 marks the 41st overall MCC and 8th non-canon MCC, but that’s not all! This MCC is for content creators on the rise, meaning ten teams of new members for us to summarize. Watch MCC Rising 2 live August 26th, 2023, on the official Noxcrew channel at 3PM EST!

All MCC Rising 2 Teams

MCC Logo Ten teams will be participating in MCC Rising 2, each containing four players never before seen in MCC! A huge welcome to everyone and may the best team win! Each image directly links to their YouTube application video for convenience.

Red Rabbits

MCC Rising 2 Teams: Red Rabbits Image
  • @milllkberry
  • @ttvpyroscythe
  • @sinaheh
  • @LincuHQ

Orange Ocelots

MCC Rising 2 Teams: Orange Ocelots Image
  • @aerington_games
  • @Peeporpy
  • @Binnishh
  • @lokiolr

Yellow Yaks

All MCC Rising 2 Teams: Yellow Yaks Image
  • @barryharryy
  • @shadowatno0n
  • @Ravsy_
  • @yogtok_

Lime Llamas

All MCC Rising 2 Teams: Lime Llamas Image
  • @Nominalgravy
  • @WadeBox
  • @Nomad0fTheWorld
  • @Khaos_Korps

Green Geckos

All MCC Rising 2 Teams: Green Geckos Image
  • @WendyJr_
  • @Caramello_sb
  • @Calolinda_
  • @p_izzatoo
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Cyan Coyotes

MCC R2 Cyan Coyotes Team Image
  • @4_cvit
  • @Midmysticx1
  • @alllrich
  • @JHorseLive

Aqua Axolotls

MCC R2 Aqua Axolotls Team Image
  • @_Nebular111
  • @SandwichLord690
  • @PhazeRay
  • @EmilyBeNormal

Blue Bats

MCC R2 Blue Bats Team Image
  • @Legundo
  • @SwitchBackMongo
  • @NotNotBrock
  • @taneeshahogan

Purple Pandas

MCC R2 Purple Pandas Team Image
  • @itslynrose
  • @Bubblebrooke_
  • @Kristinattv
  • @_Spelda_

Pink Parrots

MCC R2 Pink Parrots Team Image
  • @apokuna_
  • @heyGraecie
  • @ggacho_
  • @olive_sleepy

Our Predictions

MCC Logo MCC Rising has returned, and with it, a cast of new faces! As you can probably tell, this has made it quite hard to give our predictions. Based on past experiences, Ravs and Hrry both participated in the non-cannon MCC jingle Jam. There are also quite a few participants who frequent MCC island, which is the best way to practice for the competition. Combing all of that with some Minecraft content creators who have achieved astonishing hardcore feats, I honestly believe it could be anyone’s victory. But who do you think the winner will be? Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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