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All MCC 25 Teams Announced – Full Roster, Predictions & More

MCC 25 is here just in time to celebrate the new school year! Many big names are sadly missing, but that means new ones are joining the fray. And will Sapnap and HBomb94 use this chance to claim the crown while Dream is away? Find out all MCC 25 teams and more with BisectHosting today!

MCC 25 Details & Date

MCC Logo

In a series of nine mini-games, streamers and YouTubers will be competing until only one team remains. MCC 25 will mark the 30th overall MCC and is expected to follow the standard format, but with this being the 25th cannon event, surprises may be in store!

Watch MCC 25 live September 24th, 2022, on the official Noxcrew channel at 3PM EST!

All MCC 25 Teams


Ten teams will be participating in MCC 25, but many big names have announced they will sadly not be unable to attend. Hopefully, we will see InTheLittleWood, NettyPlays, TommyInnit, Dream, GeorgeNotFound, and GeminiTay next time around!

Red Rabbits



  • @sapnap
  • @FoolishGamers
  • @DropsByPonk
  • @vGumiho
Orange Ocelots



  • @hannahxxrose
  • @aimseytv
  • @VelvetIsCake
  • @5uppps
Yellow Yaks



  • @Punztw
  • @Antfrost
  • @shelbygraces
  • @BlushiMC
Lime Llamas



  • @PeteZahHutt
  • @CaptainSparklez
  • @AntVenom
  • @SolidarityCoUK
Green Geckos



  • @Smallishbeans
  • @GTWScar
  • @Seapeekay
  • @jojosoIos
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Cyan Coyotes



  • @HBomb94
  • @KaraCorvus
  • @KryticZeuz
  • @TubboLive
Aqua Axolotls



  • @burpled
  • @Ranboosaysstuff
  • @JackManifoldTV
  • @snifferish
Blue Bats



  • @IlluminaHD
  • @falsesymmetry
  • @ElainaExe
  • @PearlescentMoon
Purple Pandas



  • @froubery
  • @theawesamdude
  • @Eret
  • @wispexe
Pink Parrots



  • @GrianMC
  • @Ph1LzA
  • @Smajor1995
  • @WilburSoot

MCC 25 Predictions



Schedules clashed, causing many big names to be unable to attend, but that does not mean MCC 25 won’t be an absolute blast! VelvetIsCake has joined the fray marking their first cannon MCC, and CaptainSparklez has now become one of the few who have played under all ten team colors.

That aside, this is a chance for HBomb94 and Sapnap to claim the crown while Dream is away. Someday that three-way tie will end! Perhaps we will see some new remixes too?

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