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Abiotic Factor

Abiotic Factor Beginner’s Guide: Jobs, Traits, & More

Posted on by justin
Abiotic Factor separates itself from similar games with sandbox elements by having a main quest and clear goals. Nonetheless, some beginners might be confused about some of the game’s aspects. So, continue reading this Abiotic Factor Beginner's Guide as we help you make informed decisions as a new player.

Abiotic Factor Beginner’s Guide: What You Need to Know

Abiotic Factor Beginner's Guide This Abiotic Factor Beginner’s Guide focuses on elements that may help new players understand some of the game’s core features. This guide also helps players go through the main quest that’s immediately accessible upon starting a new game.


Abiotic Factor Jobs Jobs, or professions, help dictate the roles assigned to each Abiotic Factor player. All Jobs have default positive traits. However, some of these professions will set specific traits. For example, the Defense Analyst grants the player the Self Defense and Slow Learner traits. Note that these traits cannot be removed as they typically align with the chosen Job.

Lab Assistant

  • Description: You’re fresh, you’re green, and probably in way over your head. But what you lack in skill, you make up for in sheer ambition, speed, and staying out of everyone’s crosshairs. (Suggested Role: Stealth).
  • Traits: +3 Sprinting, +3 Sneaking, and +2 Strength
  • Starting Points: 10

Epimedical Bionomicist

  • Description: Research on live subjects has taught you everything about the human body, especially injuries, harm, and ailments. Your medical abilities are considerably more advanced than those of your colleagues. (Suggested Role: Medic).
  • Traits: +3 First Aid, +1 Cooking, and +1 Agriculture
  • Starting Points: 9

Trans-Kinematic Researcher

  • Description: For someone with two PhDs, you’re surprisingly robust. You’re quick and kinetically resilient, decently fit, and can take a few knocks. Your autonomic system is under control. (Suggested Role: Defensive Combat).
  • Traits: +2 Blunt Melee, +2 Fortitude, +2 Sprinting, and +2 Strength
  • Starting Points: 8

Archotechnic Consultant

  • Description: It wasn’t your looks or sparkling conversation that got you here, it was your impressive facility with fabrication and tooling. (Suggested Role: Builder).
  • Traits: +2 Construction, +1 Strength, and +3 Crafting
  • Starting Points: 7

Phytogenetic Botanist

  • Description: You chose the lab over the farm, but never lost your touch with plants. You know biosciences, genetics, and how things grow – even GATE’s most exotic specimens. (Suggested Role: Gardener).
  • Traits: +3 Agriculture, +2 Cooking, and +2 Strength
  • Starting Points: 9

Somatic Gastrologist

  • Description: A deep understanding of nutrition, physiology, and biochemistry means you know how to look after yourself. There’s no question: you get out what you put in. (Suggested Role: Chef).
  • Traits: +2 Sharp Melee, +1 Fortitude, and +4 Cooking
  • Starting Points: 9

Paratheoretical Physicist

  • Description: Your knowledge may be theoretical, but you know everything about how objects move through space, and spend a lot of time planning new gadgets and inventions (Suggested Role: Throwing/Utility).
  • Traits: +3 Throwing, +3 Crafting, +1 Sneaking, +1 Reloading, and +1 Construction
  • Starting Points: 8

Defense Analyst

  • Description: You’re one of the brightest officers on the Defense Team, and could’ve been a scientist yourself. There’s a small rift between you and your egghead colleagues, but they respect your strategy. (Suggested Role: Offensive Combat).
  • Traits: +2 Fortitude, +2 Strength, +1 Blunt Melee, +2 Reloading, and +2 Accuracy
  • Starting Points: 5

Summer Intern

  • Description: You haven’t quite earned your PhD yet, and judging by the state of things, you’re not going to any time soon. (Suggested Role: Blank Slate).
  • Traits: This Job does not give any extra skill points.
  • Starting Points: 12


Abiotic Factor Traits Traits, or skills, provide permanent buffs or debuffs to Abiotic Factor players. Add positive traits at the beginning of the game to give your character a head start on certain aspects. On the other hand, points can be recovered by adding negative traits. Despite adding points to negative traits, you can mitigate their adverse effects by gaining skill XP points. Earn these points by doing specific actions. For example, add Sprinting XP by running and Accuracy XP by shooting enemies with ranged weapons.

Positive Traits

  • Decathlon Competitor (+3 Sprinting): -5 points
  • Wrinkly Brainmeat (+20% XP gain): -4 points
  • Night Owl (50% slower to get tired): -4 points
  • Hobbyist Chef (x2 cooking speed): -2 points
  • Inconspicuous (+2 Sneaking): -4 points
  • Weathered (Higher resistance to temperature changes): -3 points
  • Fanny Pack (+2 hotbar slot): -10 points
  • Thick Skinned (+50% bleeding resistance): -3 points
  • First Aid Certification (+3 First Aid): -3 points
  • Gardener (x2 Agriculture XP gain and additional gardening recipes from the start): -3 points
  • Light Eater (-20% less food requirement): -3 points
  • Naturally Moist (-20% thirst accumulation): -4 points
  • Self Defense (+3 melee weapon damage): -5 points
  • Bladder of Steel (-20% toilet needs): -2 points
  • Buff Brainiac (+15% maximum weight and +1 Strength): -4 points
  • Lead Belly (can drink tainted water without getting sick): -8 points

Negative Traits

  • Fear of Violence (All combat-related skills max out at Level 5): +4 points
  • Feeble (-25% maximum health and brake bones easier than others): +6 points
  • Narcoleptic (Never feel fully rested, and fatigue rate increases 75% faster): +6 points
  • Asthmatic (Lose stamina 40% faster than others): +2 points
  • Painfully Obvious (Attract enemies 45% faster than others): +3 points
  • Hearty Appetite (60% faster hunger accumulation): +3 points
  • Dry Skin (20% faster thirst accumulation): +3 points
  • Slow Healer (Healing interval is 1.5 seconds slower than others): +3 points
  • Slow Learner (20% slower skill XP gain and can’t learn recipes from sharing or picking up things other crafted): +2 points
  • Hemophilia (x2 increased chances of bleeding): +3 points
  • Weak Bladder (+15% toilet needs, and it takes longer to sit on the toilet than others): +1 points

Main Quest Walkthrough

Abiotic Factor Main Quest Remember, take as much time as needed to go through the game’s main tasks for the laboratory, which isn't a friendly place. Creepy crawlies and other nasty beings are lurking in every corner, and one wrong move can lead to certain death, especially in single-player mode. Alternatively, work with your teammates, particularly when playing in an Abiotic Factor dedicated server, to complete these main tasks. With that, the quest begins when you speak to Dr. Thule, the first NPC you'll meet upon starting a new game. Follow these steps next:

Open the Cafeteria Door

Dr. Thule requests you open the locked cafeteria door. Talk to this NPC again, and he'll tell you he won't go through the vents to reach the cafeteria. Take his advice, as various enemies reside on that path, and you lack the equipment to deal with those hostile NPCs for now. Instead, head to the security room and collect all the items found in it. Next, travel to the yellow door and walk through the next few rooms to reach a locked door with another scientist. Press “C” (by default) to open the crafting menu and make a Crafting Bench near a power socket. Then, interact with the crafting station to make an Energy Brick. Use the Energy Brick near the cafeteria door to open it. Once inside, take the map and talk to the security guard.

Evacuate Sector via Manufacturing

After talking to the security guard, climb the stairs at the plaza, then head left. You should see a bleeding Grayson lying next to a forklift. Talk to this wounded NPC, and he’ll tell you to use a Power Cell to fix the heavy machinery, allowing you to escape.

Find Someone Who Knows About Power Cells

Return to your crafting bench and make a Power Brick. Next, return to the reception area until you reach a large locked door. Use the Power Brick on that door to open it. Follow the path and use the elevator to reach Office Sector Level 3. Enter the portal that you see and prepare for a fight. Alternatively, run past the hostile NPCs to escape them, especially when you choose a Job that's not combat-proficient. Heal whenever necessary and if you can. You'll eventually reach another portal, which you must jump into to return to Office Sector Level 3. Next, walk across the Executive Offices to arrive at Silo 3. Look at the next room, where you'll find Dr. Mayfield. Talk to this NPC to receive your next objective.

Open Silo 3 to Retrieve Power Cells

Before you can open Silo 3, travel to the supply room next to it. Here, you’ll find an Anvil, along with other crafting ingredients. Repair your armor and weapons using the Anvil if necessary. After fixing your gear, gather three items to make the Hacking Tool needed to open Silo 3. These items are the Controller, LCD Screen, and Infrared Emitter. However, you must use a Computation Brick to make a Controller, and you can get it by defeating a Security Bot CPU that roams the laboratory at night.

Enter the Portal to Recover Power Cells

After successfully defeating a Security Bot CPU, craft the Hacking Tool and use it to open the door to Silo 3. Enter the area and activate the panel to make a portal appear. Enter the portal and run through the enemies you encounter, as they're invulnerable. Continue running until you reach the “Bounty Basket” building. Enter the establishment and walk up to its second floor. Open the vent in this location and go through it, leading you to a room with an NPC. Talk to this NPC to learn the location of the Power Cells. Return outside and sneak past the indestructible enemies. Walk through the park to reach a building with a clock above two double doors. Here, walk your way to its roof to acquire the first Power Cell. Enter the portal that appears to leave the area. Go through each section to find two additional Power Cells. Eventually, you’ll reach a portal that’ll return you to Office Sector Level 3.

Use Power Cell to Access Manufacturing Sector

Return to the forklift at the entrance of the Manufacturing Sector and use the Power Cells. At this point, you can now explore Manufacturing West, which marks the end of the game's main objectives for new players. Note: Manufacturing West is the home of challenging enemies. So, ensure that you make the necessary preparations before entering.
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