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A Very BisectHosting Christmas

Posted on by amber
After another long year, Christmas is here! We hope you too are enjoying warmth and cheer. Today we look back at some of our favorite holiday articles from this year alongside a message from all of us here.

How to Make Temporary Minecraft Servers

Temporary Minecraft Servers Header Image Our first article was for those interested in gifting a temporary Minecraft server this year. In it, we explained the step-by-step process to have the server ready for Christmas Day. But we would like to add that it doesn’t have to be temporary. A server ensures time with family continues long past the holidays!

Mojang’s Holiday Surprise

Over on the official Minecraft website, Mojang released a holiday surprise for all to share! An article full of free wallpapers, ambient videos, and heartwarming messages from everyone there. Many are perfect for the festive season and nice to listen to while working or reading.

Giving the Gift of Minecraft Steve

Gift of Steve Header Image Finally, we have our Minecraft Steve gift guide! While it may be a little late for this Christmas, there can still be a Steve-filled Boxing Day! No matter the occasion or season, a Minecraft fan will love a gift involving Steve without any needed reason.

A Very BisectHosting Christmas

And so ends our short weekly wrap-up of the holiday season, but before leaving, we hope you will stick around for a few extra words we believe in. No matter where you may be or who you are, we wish you the very best of Holidays from all of us here. You did great this year! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =) BisectHosting Minecraft Promotional Image
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