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7 Days to Die

How to Build a Solar Bank in 7 Days to Die

Posted on by justin
In 7 Days to Die, electrical devices, such as speakers and traps need power. One way to provide electricity to those items is by using a Solar Bank. Here, you’ll learn how to obtain a Solar Bank in 7 Days to Die and set it up properly.

How to Get a Solar Bank in 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die Solar Bank The Solar Bank in 7 Days to Die is a non-craftable item, and you can only get it from Traders. Additionally, you must have a Level 5 Barter Skill to purchase this particular item, which costs 4,500 Dukes per unit (3,000 Dukes before Alpha 21)

Building Around a Solar Bank in 7 Days to Die

After buying a Solar Bank in 7 Days to Die, you must build a system around it. Note that a Solar Bank will only work if it has at least one Solar Cell (expandable up to six). Then, you can connect it to a Battery Bank to let the Solar Bank recharge during the day. Like the Solar Bank, you can’t craft a Solar Cell. Again, you can only buy this item from Traders with a Level 4 Barter Skill. Note that Solar Cells never wear out or need repair. The power output also changes when installing additional Solar Cells up to 180W. Moving forward, you can craft a Battery Bank by using the following materials at the Workbench:
  • 10x Forged Iron
  • 11x Electrical Parts
  • 6x Scrap Polymers
With the Solar Cell(s) in the Solar Bank, connect the Battery Bank to the setup. Here’s a quick rundown of the steps to connect a Solar Bank (with Solar Cells) to a Battery Bank:
  • Place the objects in your desired locations
  • Equip the Wire Tool and aim at the first object
  • Right-click on that object and wait for the animation to end
  • Aim at the second object with the Wire Tool and right-click on it
  • Wait for the animation to end
With this assembly, you can power your electrical devices without significantly relying on other sources, such as the gas-powered Generator Bank or a Tier 4 Power Station.
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