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5 Officially Licensed Minecraft Snacks

Posted on by amber
As Minecraft continues along, some rather exciting partnerships have come and gone, including everything from high-quality figures of Steve to a Borderlands cameo in-game. Today we explore five such partnerships, but this time one’s you can eat! Here are five officially licensed Minecraft snacks, most of which still available today.

Creeper Crunch

Minecraft Snack - Creeper Crunch Cereal Found lurking in cereal isles across the USA and Canada is an explosive treat that goes great with a bucket of milk. Minecraft Creeper crunch, in partnership with Kellogg’s, offers a cinnamon flavor across its multigrain bits, complete with square-shaped creeper marshmallows. We even have our very own review here for those interested in our thoughts on the taste!

Ice Cream

The newest addition to Mojang’s lineup of officially licensed Minecraft snacks is four different flavors of Ice cream in partnership with Nicks! Fans can pick from Enchanted Apple Pie, Cake Block, Emerald Mint, and Peanut Chocolate Glowdust, but only online. Hopefully it will continue to expand so others can give it a try!


Minecraft Snack - Pringles Mojang’s partnership with Pringles didn’t give players any new flavors, but the cans had Minecraft décor and free Minecoins for the bedrock store! Of all the partnerships, it is often the most looked over, especially by Java Edition players who had no use for the coins at all.

Rice Krispies

Minecraft Rice Krispies Squares Box Second in Mojang’s Kellogg’s lineup is another explosive Minecraft snack! This time it’s the signature Rice Krispies Treats in a creeper shade of green. The flavor remains the same, but with Rice Krispie Squares, there is nothing much to change.


Last but not least was a rather unexpected partnership between Mojang, Kellogg’s, Walmart, and the content creator Ranboo. The Cheez-its were their regular flavor but came in a Minecraft-themed box signed by Ranboo and were sold exclusively from Walmart. The rush to get this limited product was massive, and many were left empty-handed.

5 Officially Licensed Minecraft Snacks

Mojang seems to be dabbling more and more into food products as of late! Perhaps we will soon have golden apple snacks or real chorus fruit to eat. However, we leave the question to you. What Minecraft snack do you hope to try? Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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