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5 Easter Build Guides for Minecraft

Posted on by bisecthosting

Easter is here, and with it, spring cheer! Today we explore five Easter Build Guides for Minecraft, including eggs, houses, and gardens, to tie it all together. Happy Easter and holidays from everyone here at a BisectHosting!

Easter Eggs

No list of Easter builds would be complete without a guide on creating Easter eggs! Thankfully, Faberistry has us covered with an easy-to-follow guide on just that. In two minutes’ time, anyone will be able to make giant eggs like a pro. And the best part? Items can be hidden within!

Easter Chicks

Easter would not have any eggs without chickens, and to honor our feathered friends, we found a build guide for adorable baby chicks! Wheelassassin masterfully shows off multiple ways to build baby chickens both in and out of their eggs. And even outside of Easter, any would be a perfect topper for an egg farm!

Easter Egg House

An excellent option for the hub of an Easter event is Minecraft Hammer’s Easter Egg house! As one may expect from the title, it takes a house and combines it with a giant egg creating the most festive home around. It could even be the permeant residence of true Easter lovers out there!

Easter Bunny

What is Easter without the bunny? Wheelassassin Guides returns once more to show us how to build a giant basket with a fluffy Easter bunny sitting inside. Much like the baby chickens guide, this adorable build would make for a perfect bunny farm after Easter as well!

Spring Gardens

Finally, BlueNerd Minecraft brings us five beautiful gardens perfect for hiding eggs in. After all, it is not Easter without an egg hunt! And even if the builds are for a temporary event, these gardens retain their beauty no matter the time of year.

5 Easter Build Guides for Minecraft

Holiday-themed builds are always worthwhile ventures, especially for surprising friends and family. Will your server be holding any events? If so, may your Easter egg hunts be full of cheer and your chocolate chip cookies yummy as can be!

Until Next Time,

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