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Dont Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together: How to Deal With Ghosts

Posted on by justin
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Sometimes, it’s best to stay away from ghosts in The Constant. However, these floating apparitions can still become inconvenient and frustrating in certain situations. So, here’s what you need to know in dealing with ghosts in Don’t Starve Together.

How to Deal with Ghosts in Don’t Starve Together

Don't Starve Together Ghosts Ghosts in Don’t Starve Together are aggressive mobs that only appear when digging up a Grave. However, these spirits of the deceased only appear about 10% of the time. But if these apparitions appear, they can damage anything around them with a Health bar. Keep in mind that you can’t revive a Ghost mob with a Telltale Heart. Normally, this item is only usable to revive fallen players. However, using it on a hostile Ghost will make a character say a unique quote. For example, Wortox will say, “There’s no body for it to return to.” On the other hand, Willow will exclaim, “I’m not wasting this on them!” One way to deal with the Ghosts is not to dig up Graves. However, that can mean missing out on resources like Trinkets, Gears, and Nightmare Fuels. On the other hand, you can deal with the spirits using other techniques, including the following:

Method #1: Kill Ghosts (Again)

Players can kill(?) the Ghosts in Don’t Starve Together by attacking them. Ghosts have 200 Health, and some weapons are more effective than others in sending these specters to the other side. So, here's a quick rundown of the best weapons to use to kill a Ghost, from the most effective to the least:
  • Gunpowder or Old Bell
  • Blow Dart
  • Dark Sword
  • Tentacle Spike, Battle Spear, Thulecite Club, Tooth Trap, or Slurtle Slime
  • Morning Star
  • Ham Bat
  • Bat Bat
  • Spear
  • PickSlashAxe
  • Axe, Pickaxe, Luxury Axe, Opulent Axe, or Boomerang
  • Shovel, Pitchfork, Hammer, Torch, Umbrella, Walking Cane, or Willow’s Lighter
  • Lucy the Axe
  • Fishing Rod or Bug Net
Note: Ghosts are immune to Fire damage. So, attacks from weapons like the Fire Staff and Fire Dart are ineffective.

Method #2: Lure the Ghosts

Using your weapons and resources to kill Ghosts can waste time, patience, and your character's Health. Remember, these enemies don’t drop loot. Instead, consider luring the Ghosts to a Beefalo or some nearby Pigs. These mobs can dispatch the spirits, and with you doing nothing but watching. Alternatively, take advantage of a Ghost's aggressive tendencies and let it attack other enemies. Thankfully, these apparitions will disappear after some time. Once the Ghost departs and the other foes are killed, take the loot from the mobs they kill.

Method #3: Trap the Ghosts

Ghosts levitate but are not immune to specific traps, namely Tooth Traps. Craft this weapon using 1x Log, 1x Rope, and 1x Hound's Tooth. Consider this method if Pigs, Beefalos, or hostile mobs aren’t nearby for the Ghost to attack. If you’re ready to take on The Constant, its Ghosts, and the mysteries that lie within, do so with a Don’t Starve Together dedicated server. Contact our support staff if you need help in setting up a server. Otherwise, click on the link below and begin in a few easy steps!
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