Hallo, my name is Iskall and my favourite number is 85! My modpacks range from enhancing gameplay with new features, items, and mechanics to crafting entirely new adventures. With mods such as Shulker+, Auxiliary Blocks, MegaLoot, and Builder's Dreams, there's something to help ignite creativity and take adventures to the next level for everyone.

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FoolCraft 3

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Shulker+ is a Minecraft mod inspired by Xisuma's datapacks. It allows you to label Shulker boxes with dynamically rendered item frames on top, even in your inventory. You can also retain custom names by combining a Shulker box and an item at an anvil. This mod simplifies chest organization and adds the option to dye Shulker boxes for visual differentiation.
Auxiliary Blocks

Auxiliary Blocks

This mod adds a lot of new building blocks, many of them are focused around industrial and futuristic builds. We have made several variations of each block and you can use a stone cutter to change the variation to the one that suits your need!


This mod adds loot cases in three rarity tiers: Common, Rare, and Epic. These cases can yield swords, bows, or armor, each with distinct properties such as maximum attack damage and special attributes like multi-shot or on-hit effects. Additionally, armor pieces can enhance a player's maximum health and provide knockback resistance, among other benefits.

Each server purchased through a link on this site not only provides you with exceptional hosting service but also supports the content creator through a commission. This assists them in their work, creating more fantastic content for you, all at no extra cost on your end!

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UPDATE 11 - Season 3 Vault Hunters SMP

Lets review the update 11 patch notes and explore the exciting new changes. This patch aims to oversee all aspects of the game for an even more immersive gameplay loop.
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Shulker+ Mod Showcase

Iskall and KaptainWutax teamed up to develop this mod, drawing inspiration from Xisuma's Shulker datapacks featured on the HermitCraft server. This versatile mod functions on both client and server sides, enabling players to label their shulker boxes, resulting in a vastly enhanced storage experience. It's available for both Fabric and Forge platforms and compatible with various Minecraft versions, all while preserving a distinctly 'vanilla+' feel.
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FoolCraft 3 Modded Minecraft 1.12.2

FoolCraft 3 serves as a sequel to the original FoolCraft, designed for Minecraft version 1.12.2, with the primary goal of delivering an incredibly enjoyable gaming experience while upholding the essence of a progressively immersive Minecraft adventure.
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