Zion Network {Minigames Server} Needs Staff!

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    Zion Servers is a new server with plans on developing into a bigger network. We have many different types of game modes and mini games layed out, but we need staff to make it happen.

    We currently need the following positions. Please check back later as we will open new positions as we get closer to opening!

    • Builders

    Before applying, please note we take this server very seriously and only want staff who are mature and experienced. If we see you are never around, are a lack of help, or are attempting to ruin the server, you will be banned permanently from the server.

    In the application, please answer each question as fully and thoroughly as possible. We want to learn as much about you before calling you in for a discord chat for acceptance.

    NOTE: We do not discriminate people based on age/gender/ethnicity. We judge you based on how yo answer the questions.

    NOTE: We currently cannot pay anyone for positions. We do not have income to pay any players to all we can ask for is free work and if the server succeeds, you will be rewarded later!

    NOTE: Note we will be going with a fallen kingdom theme!

    NOTE: We will reply to most applications as soon as they are evaluated. All applications that do not follow the guidelines will be deleted. All applications suspect of fake information or harassment will be reported.

    Application: https://goo.gl/forms/uyBAu3spLp3gods83

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