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Discussion in 'Server Income Suggestions' started by TailsPrower24, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. TailsPrower24

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    Hello everyone. What is this forum disscussion for?

    - naming ways to earn money with the EULA?
    - If we should break the EULA or n0t?
    - How we think of it?
    - loopholes through the EULA?
  2. MrSkeedleWeedle

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    pvp.thearchon.net is a really good example of avoiding the eula. For ranks, keys, kits people buy an item which spawns a cow. if they kill the cow the rank/kit/key is dropped and they just right click it and get it. it says in chat that they have spawned it in (warzone only) but people only have 10 secs to find it which is impossible. Basically a really good way for people to buy ranks etc but not get them jacked xD
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  3. zhan

    zhan New Member

    yea but its not likely to affect you if your server isint that popular and well known
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  4. TailsPrower24

    TailsPrower24 New Member

    Buy a cow to unlock a rank? But that's against the EULA.. What you're really selling is a kit (cow containing a kit). It says that things you sell must be cosmetic (flying, hats... ect..) not things that "changes the game"
  5. Dishounored

    Dishounored Member

    He's simply stating they're avoiding the EULA. Although, the reply has nothing to do with the original thread.
  6. Confusion over the EULA? o_O

    Minecraft Franchise...
    Parasites. The lot of you. Pay for it yourself or dont bother running server?
    Why not just pay the money you would pay for a server for some /hat ViP
    junk on another person's server instead? Go on.. saves you starting up
    yet another perks scraped cash cow EULA dodger player enslavement
    protocols parasite of Minecraft. You expect folks to do it on your own server
    but would'nt consider it for a milisecond on someone else's ? Pfff.

    Microsoft cannot possibly enforce the EULA.
    They only bought the game for 2.2 bil $ once Mojang released the EULA.
    EULA opens the door wide open for future legal cases and law suits. /kerching!
    Before that? Mojang supported plugin development and shared it's API.
    Now? Orders from Microsoft. Kill servers. Squeeze everyone onto massive servers
    then sue them for so much that they cant pay. 2.2 billion is alot to get back
    before you even start making profits unless they intend to sue loads of
    copyright and EULA breachers like Arkahm network, Enjin, Buycraft ect.
    Then there's all those Minecraft plushy doll sellers, keyrings, mousemats, tshirts etc.
    Loads of products mostly ALL ignoring the fact it's copyright now. Trollol..

    As it is now, there are too many small fish in the Minecraft sea for Microsoft
    shark to feast on. Soon? Only big fish left. Then none, or only Microsoft owned.
    Even the hosts are mildly breaking the EULA and the DMCA takedown notice on
    Bukkit/Spigot by directly providing a downloadable jar for bukkit/spigot?
    They need to spend another $250 on each host with a DMCA, that is all?
    Of course, there would be appeals and stuff but all the same, EULA is final.
    I see the future of commercial servers riddled with clauses and licenses from
    Microsoft put into effect by Mojang. That Microsoft will clone or just aquire
    Enjine type sites through legal attacks using the EULA as a sword to just
    turn Minecraft into even more of a franchise and business. :(

    :oops: The EULA is very real though. In 1.7.8 everyone laughed at the EULA.
    Now? They just decide to massively break plugins/bukkit/spigot with 1000s of
    ridiculously unnecessary NBT/.class/name path changes
    each new version instead. DUH! Not many are laughing anymore.

    Please. Leave it alone. You money sucking parasites are killing Minecraft.
    You cannot defeat the legal powers behemoth that is Microsoft.
    If your content is truly unique and you worked very hard to produce that
    server then go ahead and take some thank you monies for it. Well earned.
    But dont go bullying every visitor for ridiculous amounts. Dont even instal Enjin
    for example. Just a paypal payment to your email works great. Right?

    :eek:You spent 3 mins drag, drop and forget .jars with default configs all your plugins? Then
    hid all the permissions behind ViP ranks? You're a capitalistic parasite. A ignoramus too.
    How dare you pose as any kind of payable commercial server with that default junk!
    People like you are killing Minecraft. Plugin devs hate you for selling their products
    without even a thanks or donation back. Users. It's disgusting. Too many people
    already look at MC as "business, business, Business!!" It's just a game.
    Leave it alone. :D Please. Enjoy the creative canvas that is Minecraft.
    It's NOT a business for millions of players. Why should you make it one?
    Despite being a server owner, you're still just a Minecraft player, right?
    Think about it. Commericial servers may seem more professional
    but they are just as prone to bugs and broken plugins as everyone else.
    Most of the time they dont even try for the donations they get offered.
    Bully perks. I found a sick amount of these cash servers just scrape away
    all kinds of cake for performance then charge you for the stale sponge that is left.
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  7. TailsPrower24

    TailsPrower24 New Member


    I also never thought this would happen, but as of 1.9.3 i think there is now a list of blacklisted servers here: https://blocklist.tcpr.ca/

    I really never thought this would happen but they accually are enforcing the EULA and blocking server ip on minecraft clients 1.9.3+ I think... https://m.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/co...blocking_certain_servers_as_of_193_r2/d2n4uva

    My server is EULA compliant. I don't think it's very unique but I'm trying to make it unique.
  8. cointoss

    cointoss New Member

    I just allow players to acquire essentially anything from the donor store with either money or website credits, basically this means anyone can get anything in the donor store without paying if they work for it and both ways help us thrive. Basically you can get credits by voting and welcoming players to the server, as simple as that.

  9. Gitty

    Gitty New Member

    Dude u seriously know ur stuff.

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