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    I'm trying to configure a village system on my server for players to take ownership of a specific plot sizes alongside other players. I am not using any kind of economy system or multiverse. I do use worldguard and looked at the claim portion but I am afraid that will be too confusing for some players. I have the Buyland plugin but not loaded it since the project is abandoned and its from 2012 but that would accomplish what I am aiming for. I was wondering if anyone know of newer plugins that work with worldgaurd - regions to create a village style build area or any other ideas?
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    Sorry should have included my setup. New 10.2 spigot, usual plugins worldgaurd, worldedit, worldborder, dynmap, vault, PEX and essentialsX.
  3. Hiya. Nice idea you have there. Tried this?

    PreciousStones has 190 field flags. Place a block does MANY things.
    A claim can be subdivided into plots NP at all and works alot like town if not exactly.
    Allows many claim and utility type fields.
    Extremely mature plugin, reliable updates, goes back to bukkit 1.7 days.
    Now on version 10.x.x Very reliable devs. You will love it. I can help with configs.

    plot: true
    teleport-villagers-on-enable: true#very handy indeed! light sensor. tp to the pub at sundown?
    enable-with-redstone: true
    protect-villagers: true
    prevent-use: true#prevents untrusted players using villagers in the claim.
    no-projectile-throw: true#stops outside of the field arrows killing villagers inside
    command-blacklisting: true prevents things like spells or other commands that could skip
    protection being used inside the field.
    prevent-mob-spawn: true#no chance of a sneaky zombie spawning inside village shadows.

    Field flags can be static or enabled for toggle/on off at the user's needs.
    many more flags. check it! 1.10 compatible.

    Spigot world setting, if not already done so?
    Default is true I think.
    zombie-aggressive-towards-villager: false
    It uses a bit extra TPS as zombies track villagers from up to 128 blocks away, constantly.
    Just turn it off for happy villagers and a more relaxed village gameplay + tiny bit beter TPS.

    In Worldguard
    block-zombie-door-destruction: true
    At least give the villagers something to
    hide behind if you do keep zombies track villagers true?

    <3 villagers. A big fan of village management!
    You can have my entire massive preciousstones config.. here.
    Visit the dev builds for absolute latest and 1.10 compatibility.

    Best design your own blocks with name/lore though. I have
    added all these to an items importer with a menu for easy sales/access.
    Should do the same or make essentials kits and import the details
    into PreciousStones name/lore block id info.
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