Server refusing to load and constantly stopping itself.

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    Last night, a friend of mine added a mod to our modded server. This mod ran fine, no issues, nothing, until later on that night, when everyone had logged off, he was going to do stuff, so he stopped it, but fell asleep and didn't do anything in the end. This morning, I tried to start it and at the end, this keeps coming up in console.

    "15.09 12:00:35 [Multicraft] Server shut down (running)
    15.09 12:00:35 [Multicraft] Not restarting crashed server.
    15.09 12:00:35 [Multicraft] Server stopped"

    I will attach the crash report, and have tried removing the op, whitelist and usercache .json files, and this keeps occuring.

    Please help, this is becoming really frustrating!

    Many Thanks

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