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    Ok, so next Sat me and my friend are going to be buying a bisect hosting premium package 3.
    We are unsure about a few things, here they are:

    -We have an enjin site already (, but when we get the free 1 month premium, will we have to make a new website, or will we be able to keep our member/forum posts/etc.

    -We bought premium package mainly for the dedicated ip, how will this work? Will we get given a screen to choose our ip, or will we have to use any external programs/websites.

    -Premium package 3 has "Unlimited slots" does this mean unlimited players can join? It says on the package "30 player" so im wondering what unlimited slots does.

    -Are backups easy? I know premium packages have free daily backups, but I was wondering if I could do them easily through the console, or in game itself. I'm not sure how to do it, and when the server is up, I'm sure ill figure it out.

    -Last thing, it says free premium buycraft. We will not be using buycraft for our server, so could we possibly have 2 months free premium enjin instead of one? This I dont really mind, but it would be nice.
    Your hosting is very organised and helpful. If I think of any other questions I will be sure to post them straight away.
  2. _ChampionRed_

    _ChampionRed_ New Member

    Can someone please answer this?

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