Ok so hackers broke my server and i would like help NOW

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting Suggestions' started by grifbd7, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. grifbd7

    grifbd7 New Member

    So i can't remember the names and 2 people came on saying "were from Planetminecraft give us OP or we'll shut down your server."
  2. RoosSkywalker

    RoosSkywalker New Member

    Let them try.
    If they DDoS you, Bisecthosting is awesome enough to move your server to a protected server for free. Next time IP ban them. If you have EssentialsGeoIP installed you can check that very easily.
  3. Turbotailz

    Turbotailz Member

    This is good to know! I have had many kids threaten to DDoS me, which of course has not worried me one bit because lol kids, but it's always comforting knowing I should be okay if it does actually happen.
  4. MaesterKush

    MaesterKush New Member

    lol just dont ever host with mcprohosting like i originally did, because
    1. they suck
    2. they suck hardcore
    3. they have no clue how to properly run Cauldron.
    4. they suck
    5. they have no ddos protection at all.
    6. ddos isnt even really a "hack" its an easy writable .bat files which you can Easily find out whos Ddosing you and politley tell em to F*** off by ddosing them right back :D
  5. Skypowergril

    Skypowergril New Member

    Grif, I lost the console and I don't have my laptop.. Can ya invite me back in?

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