Not running my Mods.

Discussion in 'Cauldron Help' started by AyeImCanadian, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. AyeImCanadian

    AyeImCanadian New Member

    So the Mod i have right now is Pixelmon 3.4 and its not running it. I need help, anyone?
  2. MaesterKush

    MaesterKush New Member

    you should probably submit a ticket and ask them to Re-load Cauldron, it happens time to time especially with pixelmon. im gna take a wild stab and say your running a bukkit server :) i am too, and ive had the same issue occur with pixelmon and cauldron, just simply ask them to reload cauldron and problem will be solved.
  3. zmirli

    zmirli New Member

    Hello, It's been a while since I wanted to do this topic, so today Labor Day, let's celebrate.9Apps: VidMate & Mobdro.Yes because I do not know for you, but I found that this game had a huge potential, which he finally exploited badly: especially in terms of the difficulty that for me disappears past level 30, but not only. At the level of the immersion, the interface, the possibilities of gameplay . That's why I propose to gather here the most convincing mods that tend towards the improvement of these aspects.

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