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    Hey i would like to start a server soon, i will buy a premium with 5120gb ram, but i still have some questions left, i really appreciate it if someone anwsered them :)

    -is it possible to have mods and plugins in one server? I heard something about cauldron but i was not sure about it.
    -i want to have mods in my server and i have somewhere between 20 and 30 mods, do they need server compatibility or can i just drag them in the server mod folder then?
    -on th bisect site there are like some sales and one of them says 50% off lifetime, so does that mean i will always pay 50% off?
    -is it really hard to manage a server without any admins or moderators or anything? Since i dont want any on my server
    -after i bought my server it will be directly online but is it possible to not let people join yet?
    Thats all thanks :)

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    This is a duplicate post, but I will paste my answer here from the other post -

    Plugins = installed on the server
    Mods = installed on the local computer

    You can have plugins installed on your server with local mods installed on your computer. Not all plugins and mods play well together, but most do.

    Most plugins (not mods - make sure to use the right term so people understand) are just drag and drop into the folder via FTP. You will need to restart your server to create the plugin folder that contains the configuration files. Then you can configure each of those files (if needed).

    I can't answer your question about the sale on the Premium 10 package, but I know it's been there for a few weeks now, as it is the package we currently use on my server here.

    I am the only admin on our server at this time, but it is not a public server. It's a fairly small-ish server with about 35 active players - but we do have others who have joined previously. We have users from all over the world, but generally don't need a moderator online all day. I have protections in place that users have to be in a particular permissions group before they can use the server. They are stuck at spawn until they are added....

    If you don't give the IP address out to anyone after your purchase, they won't know where to log in at. You can also choose to whitelist, to prevent others from attempting to join if they do have the IP address.

    Hope that helps!

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