My first plugin.

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting Suggestions' started by RocksterOne, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. RocksterOne

    RocksterOne New Member

    So as the title says, it's my first plugin. I downloaded FileZilla and got that, went through the process on the video
    and when I try to start the server and refresh, it doesn't make any new folder or files or anything. I don't know if I did anything wrong or what I didn't do but there are no comments for me to search through on that video.
    Please Help.
  2. Leasoncre

    Leasoncre Member

    Some basic plugins don't create config files/folders ('cuz they don't need too)
    if you do"/pl" (/plugins) in console or in-game and your plugin shows up in the list, it has loaded :)
    What plugin(s) are you uploading/installing?

    PS. make sure you UNZIP any plugins and upload the .jar file to the plugins folder. if there's multiple jar files see the plugin webpage for more help/instruction
    If you are createing your own plugin from scratch. you'll have to figure out why it didn't work yourself. [google can help]
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  3. RocksterOne

    RocksterOne New Member

    I was being an idiot and didn't put it in the plugins folder. But the question really comes back to "Are there a lot of plugins where you have config them yourself before they work properly?
  4. Leasoncre

    Leasoncre Member

    derp. #life-happens.

    every plugin should be configured, but they typically create their own Default config file. but how it's configured may not be how you want it.
    i always give configs a look over and change what i don't like. plugin dev's typically give enough information about what setting does what on the bukkit/spiggot page if there aren't #comments throughout the yaml config itself

    if you're new (or old) to editing configs/yaml's it's recommended that you use a validator to ensure you don't accidentally miss-type the config. but it's fairly easy to do if you understand it. if you do mess up a config, the plugin will usually reject it and either: rename/make-default yaml; overwrite bad-config; ERROR to console and not load; or something like that.

    [i live in console/FTP/yaml, i like configuring things.. i often find myself going through configs repeatedly... for one reason or another..]
    #learn-it-all :)

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