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    Please feel free to join and see how far you can get up the scoreboard, craft or mine - I'll visit your server too and we can exchange ideas - I'm doing this for fun, played for a few years, want to share the adventures - I'll be adding a end portal, so far the world is I believe 4k by 4k and I might add a couple of more features later like Multi-world (verse) and or skull-turrets as that could be fun. I am using 1.9.4 because the Spigot seems to works best, anyway feel free to have a run around - I want to add some Command Blocks later maybe to issue bow and arrows at the start and maybe skulls from one of the towns, there is a 600 block bedrock road or 900 metre course to which I will be extending and adding towns and at the moment I will be creating a haunted castle feature with a mob army inside (grin) - on the other side of the mountains of ores it is a normal flat world that I hope to build more on, Mob-Arenas and other features - I will be YouTubing a series later on this server and adding a domain forum via the ftb259.com
    It is in Survival mode

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