(Ironclad Prison) - Classic - Non OP - Cells - Black Market - Plots - McMMO - Citizens2 - Enhanced F

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    Ironclad Prison is a new prison server based off of the classic non-op prison servers of 2012-13 like Killion Detention Center and TechG33ks. The server has all the basic amenities those servers provided like private chest, plots, cells, black markets, free world, and more. The prison map is handmade by the owner [Head-Warden]Turtle (turtleguy123456) and is all connected, therefore we have very very few warps or teleport commands. This provides the required pvp survival challenge and thrill the classic servers provided (In this gamemode, you will die and lose your items. The challenge is finding ways to trick and sneak around those stronger than yourself, and use all parts of the prison to your advantage). We hope you give us a chance and experience a prison server that does you right. Join us currently at IP: mc.ironcladprison.com:25584

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