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    I had no idea when i bought my server that it would have a ip that another server uses. If a user would go to my server page on a minecraft server website the ip they put into minecraft would lead to a different server then mine even known my ip is the same. I would like either help or maybe a ip change for hopefully free. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. DoomSans

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    Ha just found out the problem. I used the wrong port. i thought my server used 25565 but it was 25655
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    Each server gets a different IP address... (for your future reference)
  4. This is a super common problem.
    ALL well established hosts.
    All kinds of hosts.

    With port numbers differing but same IP? That's a cheapy host non dedicated ram shared server.
    Every server is on the same IP just different ports. Try not to go with those guys. Very poor often less than budget performance. They will sell you 32GB max ram 320 slot cheapness but you'll never get that ram and hug 112mb available, everything being dumped on CPU. TPS pwned just for stuff like chunk loading and unloading. Ridic. And forget about reliable FTP with those too. They can take an astonishingly useless 10 seconds to notice your server needs more ram and take a milisecond to snatch it back. /laaaaaag Also, many many ports on those servers are already used. You can laugh.. as your Dynmap actually renders someone else's server on those things because they already used the default port 8123 and are on the same IP... /doh! Votifier? Records the votes of your players on another server. If they also have votifier and on the port you didnt know was already take. It's pathetic. A scam even!

    Kshht! "Suspect on foot, wearing huge clown shoes, running east along Facepalm Avenue ...Over" Kshht!
    Dont be clown shoes guy. Get a real host like BisectHosting.
    I dont think Bisect has the above laughable service.
    It's all dedicated CPUs and ram here.

    What they do have, which is likely the cause of your issue there?
    Many many previous customers who have all used and reused the IPs they were sold.
    Like.. a cheap date, expect that she's been around a bit, has a mysterious history and
    at least a few previous lovers. (lol sorry, cannot think of a better metaphor atm. :p)
    But yeah. You get a brand new IP from any established host? You're probably
    just dreaming. Wake UP!

    The IP sold to them by the host is ancient and has likely had many servers on it.
    Votifier toplists - "Cannot register this server, IP already exists" ??
    All you can do is hope you found this out before you did all your configs and
    adverts.. and beg Bisect for a newer less used IP.

    This happened very recently to me. Previous IP owner really did try to promote
    the server everywhere. Immagine my facepalms. They mostly never cancel those

    votifier listings and so you cannot list yours. Just enquire at customer service about
    a new IP mentioning yours is already used and cannot promote it.

    It took Richard 3 minutes with multiple handy responses and suggestions to fix
    the frustrations and facepalms with a new IP. Sorted. Yay.

    Testing, Testing, 123. Go to a few top votifier sites first. If your IP is already
    listed there it's VERY likely it will also be listed elsewhere.
    Check. Like minestatus.net. Already there? Request new IP ASAP.

    If for some bizzare reason you cannot get a new IP you could also
    try getting a cheapy domain name and register that instead.
    Can rent cheapy domain names from like $10 a year, even from Bisect.

    Alternatively, a few votifier sites allow you to claim an IP
    that is used ages ago and offline. You get a long hash string of code
    from the service and put it in your server's MotD. Restart.
    The votifier service will now recognise you own that IP and allow
    you to take over the old listing. Only a few sites offer this service though.


    :oops: BEST TO JUST ASK FOR A NEWER IP :rolleyes:

    Stop server.
    Dump all your plugin folder with FTP into a new folder on your desktop.
    Get a decent text editor to scan the entire folder with a find replace old
    IP with new IP. Upload and write over any files that changed with
    the new details. This is very fast and makes it easy to change any detail
    in all your configs in one go.
    Start server. Done. The easy way :)
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