InfinityStrike [SMP] [Semi-Vanilla]

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    A simple, vanilla survival server. The only tweaks from the standard experience are: enderman griefing is disabled, the ender dragon drops elytra, and single-player-esque sleeping. The server is online as much as possible, with the only downtime being for scheduled maintenance.

    Basic Operation
    The server is just plain-old survival, within a 40,000 by 40,000 world border. Once you get whitelisted (nobody gets denied); go ahead and play survival!

    Simple Rules
    1) Use common sense 2) Don't be unkind 3) Keep it PG, with a little PG-13 4) Don't build on or right next to other players without permission. 5) No PvP

    Join the discord server here and post your username in the whitelist channel. Please limit it to a single user per discord account, with the exception being spectator and under-13 accounts (please specify). You will then be whitelisted and receive the IP.

    Worry Free
    In the event an issue arises; prompt attention will be shown by the moderation, once we receive the report. All actions can be rolled back, so you can play worry-free.

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