ForuxPVP - A mix of different things with Factions

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    At Forux we mixed in a ton of different unique features into Factions to make playing Factions more adventurous and strategic.

    EcoRewards - As you earn more money, you get access to more and more special things to gain an advantage over your opponents.

    Subtypes - Factions of the same blood must stick together, right? Subtypes are the type of Faction you choose to make. Choose from Pirate, Spy, Hunter, or Titan. Each has its own special benefits.

    Airdrops - Air drops contain all kinds of goodies and can either be dropped directly in front of you for a cost, or you can go out and hunt the random ones that drop.

    Custom Arrows - Arrows are boring. Not anymore! On Forux arrows can take on all sorts of powers! Watch out for Skeletons as they can shoot them as well.

    Much more! We have specifically engineered Forux for flexibility and versatility so the server is still gaining more features.



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