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  1. Higgsboson728

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    Today I got into an argument with someone and the person decided to DoS my server.

    Every time I try to start up my server I get this:

    11.10 22:56:39 [Multicraft] Server stopped
    11.10 22:56:39 [Multicraft] Looks like a crash, check the server console. Return value: 1
    11.10 22:56:37 [Multicraft] Error writing to server: [Errno 32] Broken pipe
    11.10 22:56:37 [Multicraft] Error writing to server: [Errno 32] Broken pipe
    11.10 22:56:37 [Multicraft] Stopping server!
    11.10 22:56:37 [Multicraft] Server shut down
    11.10 22:56:31 [Server] INFO [22:56:31 INFO]: Stopping server
    11.10 22:56:31 [Server] INFO [22:56:31 ERROR]: This crash report has been saved to: /./crash-reports/crash-2015-10-11_22.56.31-server.txt
    11.10 22:56:31 [Server] INFO [22:56:31 FATAL]: Considering it to be crashed, server will forcibly shutdown.
    11.10 22:56:31 [Server] INFO [22:56:31 FATAL]: A single server tick took 60.00 seconds (should be max 0.05)
    11.10 22:55:26 [Server] INFO [22:55:26 WARN]: Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded? Running 2722ms behind, skipping 54 tick(s)

    I don't know if this really is a DoS or what, but it is obvious that the person intended to take my server down.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Higgsboson728

    Higgsboson728 Member

    Oh, and a griefer spawned a 1900x900 block of TNT in my world and ignoted it so that might be the reason as well.
  3. Higgsboson728

    Higgsboson728 Member

  4. Daniel

    Daniel BisectHosting Staff

    This is most likely because of the TNT explosion. Please attach this crash report. /crash-reports/crash-2015-10-11_22.56.31-server.txt

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