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Did you ever fix a broken plugin or edit one to make another?

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  1. Nope. Dunno how to. Dont wanna know either. :D

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  2. Configs? WAT? Build tools? Is that a server join building starter kit?

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  3. Dude I build my own plugin jars... and lift at the same time. OK?

  4. I would love to learn how to do this! I will probably go register with Bukkit and Github. Soon.

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  5. I am at the mercy of plugin devs and Mojang. If it dies.. I'm no plugin doctor. I walk away.

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  1. What plugins ey? Do you even lift, sir?!?
    Did you ever even look inside a .jar file yet?
    If you drag drop and forget your plugins to "configure" them?
    I laugh at you. Do More with the canvas that is minecraft. Please.
    The below advice is highly likely not for you if the above is true.
    Take care ey.

    Think first.
    First? When thinking about plugins? Dont ask yourself "What plugins are there?"
    Instead, ask yourself "What plugins would I like to make if I was a dev?"
    Chances are there is already a plugin that does what you would make one do.
    Now you know exactly what plugins you want... go go go.
    I have only suggested 1 plugin below. It's a sandbox in a sandbox in a sandbox!
    Does ridiculous amounts of things but you do need to think of the things
    you want it to do and then write those effects into the configs.

    Try Emulating, replicating or makin virtual plugins.
    Be aware of how you can merge plugins or API bridge two plugins together with a 3rd
    to form a virtual 4th plugin. Tada! /magic With some very powerful plugins
    that have loads of options you can 100% replicate other entire plugins with just a
    few config entries.

    Try to semi-easily make your own plugins?
    Do not be afraid to go hunt around bukkit for long abandoned
    tiny plugins and use a class editor or Eclipse/Maven Projects
    to revive or even rewrite the entire plugin as something new.
    After a few days I was editing class paths with new ones as
    the ancient paths, item, mob, event names were making the plugin
    not work for newer MC version. I had no idea about even jar files
    before that. It's a "Can do." Why dont you?

    After requesting permission from the PwnLay dev... (this plugin is still active)
    Anti chicken egg laying plugin causes the egg to lay as air block instead.
    Has a per biome list with % chance of egg or air 1% to 100% (it was broke I fixed it.)
    I changed a few lines of the class file for the listener egg laying event.
    Instead? Cause zombie kills to not drop rotten flesh but something else.
    Added loads of biomes and a massive list of items with % chance to drop
    different ones each biome. Some bioms mega lucky custom drops, others boring
    standard MC loots & blocks.
    PwnLay.jar >>> CraftyZombies.jar A brand new plugin.
    (I did not realse CraftyZombies as it was especially for my "Crafty" server.
    I made a few "Crafty" plugins there just "borrowing" other people's code.
    It's not rude if you ask permission and dont intend to release the plugin to
    public. <3 Some devs can be very happy that you actually went that far
    with their otherwise static plugin.)

    Broken plugins? Chances are that you (yes you!) can fix them.
    As above or try Spigot's build tools + depreciated mappings utility.
    Buld tools & remappings? This is pretty geeky and requires:
    Java Development Kit with matching latest Java version.
    A github account and bash shell interface.
    Some knowledge about dos/unix shell interfaces or at least script helper files (.sh)
    Patience.. 10s of 1000s of files, serious firewall popups in face and massive
    post build orphaned files cleanup. IT IS WORTH IT.
    Remapper utility has limited fixes but will still fix loads of
    broken 1.8 and older plugins for 1.9+ and even 1.10+

    My 1.8.1 discontinued ChestShop plugin (and others) works perfectly in 1.10.2 now.
    You CAN do it! Relying on others will often let you down or just provide fails instead of wins.

    Say you have a tiny plugin that simply respawns the Ender Dragon when someone kills it.
    You updated from 1.8 to 1.9 and now the plugin throws huge console fits every time someone
    kills the dragon, plus, it no longer respawns one. Pop the jar file open, check the class file
    lines for "EnderDragon" entries. Now check the wiki/javadocs for mob names and see what the
    actual 1.9 name is "Ender_Dragon" or whatever. Change it.. save, upload jar.
    I bet you a shiney magic brass monkey it now works fine! /salute

    MASSIVE power
    Choose your primary plugin for "custom things" wisely.
    A single plugin I use does MILLIONS of things.
    It uses a seperate thread and does wildly powerful things. TPS *20.0
    It's discontinued but works 1.10 but alot of cool stuff is disabled.
    Absolutely astonish for 1.9.X Works perfect for 1.8.X
    Requires ProtocolLib, an imagination, mild crazyness, patience.
    It has a working EffectsLib 1.10 fork but I just use the original version.
    Nisovin is the best dev I ever met my .jar loving eyes on. Amazing inspiration.
    It's also OPEN SOURCE yum.
    Unlimited options? The variables, modifiers, listeners, event handlers,
    triggers, customisables, and more, so many it's... just nuts, psycho even.
    You may find yourself wandering lost in the wilderness of "potentials", suffering mild delirium!
    Be careful :p

    Some handy links?
    Find the rest yerself! :D Or reply with more if
    you know good ones, yeah please!

    online text manipulators, syntax, colors, code, reference.
    ^ WARN! Mojang changes NBT syntaxt alarmingly regularly nowadays, but it's still good learning.

    Editing plugins.

    To edit a plugin simply get 7zip and unpack the plugin's .jar into another folder.
    Open the class files with an editor and adjust, carefully, anything you see that
    you think may need adjusted. Qty, item names, bukkit class paths, plugin text
    outputs etc. Save the new class file and drag it into a copy of the original
    jar file overwriting the existing class file/files with your own. Upload your jar
    run server, test, refine as needed. Grats. You edited a plugin! If you are already
    a baws with plugins configs chances are you will feel right at home editing the
    class files for the plugins instead of the configs. Go Go Go! Why wait months
    or even forever for a plugin update when you can do it yourself?
    Just start with tiny plugins for practice then move up into multiple class file .jars.

    Plugins in general. Info worth knowing.
    Try keep your plugins limited to mature plugins. (A high plugin version number is good.)
    A brilliant plugin version 1.01 might never be updated. Best to go with mature ones.
    Be aware how MC is speedily becomming less and less compatible with servers/plugins/mods.
    NOTE. EULA has a sneaky friend. Mojang trollfaced shifty code.
    Be very careful changing anything at all in MC these days (After 1.9)
    It's very likely it will break in next version. Check if any tags
    you intend to use are depreciated in next upcomming versions at
    official MC wiki. You will be surprised at the 1000s of petty changes
    to just about everything internally each new version since 1.9
    It's obvious they are trying to mass break plugins. mods and even whole servers
    each new version. "enderdragon" >>> "ender_dragon" >>> "EnderDragon" etc. etc. etc.
    It's so bad now that 100s of devs rage quit and vanish with each new version.
    Careful. :rolleyes: You may end up having to become an amature dev yourself just to
    continue with your favorite plugins.

    Fear is the mind killer
    You CAN do it. Never give up! Never allow broken plugins to
    lock your server's MC version into obsolete oblivion.
    If you go this way instead of just give up? I'm proud of you. All the long lost devs
    are proud of you. All the players and other servers salute you.
    ☯️ Become the Ninja Master. Or fade away.. as an unknow.
    ☠ Up to you.

    Whatever you do? Please, take care and be considerate.

    Thanks for reading my post!
    Good luck to you and your future.
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