Cant join my own server... Help?

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting Suggestions' started by Ruthless_Gamer, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. Ruthless_Gamer

    Ruthless_Gamer New Member

    Ive selected Maxtech Ultra Modded Survival 2.1.5 (MC 1.7.10) (w/cauldron) and have installed and running Ultra Modded Survival 2.1.5 on my technic launcher. but when i goto join it is giving me a "Mod Rejections [FMLmod:powerSuitaddon{@VERSION@}]" but when i go and download the file and manually put it into my C:\...\AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks\ultra-modded-survival-pack\mods folder and run it again, it still shows up the same rejection. (downloaded file from

    After i have downloaded and put the .jar file into the mod folder i have restarted both the server and my technic launcher. And still same thing.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Max

    Max BisectHosting Staff

    Try removing the PowersuitsAddon from the server side.
  3. Ruthless_Gamer

    Ruthless_Gamer New Member

    I just removed the mod and the server still tells me that i do not have the mod installed. I even restarted the server and tried. Then restarted both my game and the server then all i get is a message first saying i was disconnected then the further tries tell me "An Existing Connection was Forcibly closed by the remote host"
  4. Max

    Max BisectHosting Staff

    That's really strange. Did you physically check in your field that it's not there?
  5. Ruthless_Gamer

    Ruthless_Gamer New Member

    Yeah, i went into the mod folder on the server and selected and deleted it and confirmed it. And its not there. and the mod from technic never had it installed in the first place. but had already checked it to confirm it was not installed. I reinstalled the whole server again and to make sure no other date from the PowersuitsAddon was not placed somewhere else and was corrupting it somehow. Now it will log me in and i can see a black screen with some of the ingame text, but then minecraft does not respond, then boots me out back to the screen saying the connection was forcibly closed. There is the picture i see on the client side.

    This is the information i get form the server side.

    30.01 18:20:11 [Disconnect] User Ruthless_Gamer has disconnected, reason: Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.codec.EncoderException: String too big (was 68575 bytes encoded, max 32767)
    30.01 18:20:11 [Server] INFO [Info] Mob Event Started: The Swarm In Dimension: 0 Duration: 30secs
    30.01 18:20:11 [Server] INFO packet send
    30.01 18:20:11 [Server] INFO Sent config to 'Ruthless_Gamer.'
    30.01 18:20:11 [Server] INFO Player GCEntityPlayerMP['Ruthless_Gamer'/719, l='The Beginning', x=-85.50, y=63.00, z=-79.50](Ruthless_Gamer at -85.5,63.0,-79.5) connected.

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  6. kong009

    kong009 Member

    This error is commonly associated with player lists or mods spitting out lines of text that are too long for minecraft to process. Do you have a player list that displays when you join?
  7. Ruthless_Gamer

    Ruthless_Gamer New Member

    Not that i know of, the mod was recently updated and i have yet to be able to join the game, be it alone or of other people. So your saying i should probably find the mod that might do the player list and remove it? or what?

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