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Discussion in 'Troubleshooting Suggestions' started by Robert D., May 31, 2015.

  1. Robert D.

    Robert D. New Member

    So, first off, I am ABSOLUTELY new to this whole server thing. I've had a Minecraft Realms server, but that's a bit of a different beast. I wanted a server that my friends and I can modify, not just have vanilla.

    So the problem is in the title. I can get my server to appear in the sever list, but I can't connect to it. It just kinda hangs at "Logging in". I'm completely sure I'm missing something, I just have no idea what, nor where to go to resolve the issue...
  2. Robert D.

    Robert D. New Member

    Ignore my derpiness. I think I have it...
  3. Zach S

    Zach S BisectHosting Staff

    Hey Robert,

    Just reply to this forum topic, or contact support via ticket or live chat if you can't solve the issue or run into any other issues.

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