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    Right so i don't really know the term for this, but my friends and i currently pay for one of BisectHosting's servers. We are running the Direwolf20 1.10.2 pack and so i believe we opted for the 3.5gb package. At first when we played everything was working perfectly and i was completely happy with what we were paying for (although only one of us pays via our bank account we still give our share to the one who does). Recently when i join the server though, it fails to load correctly so i have to log back in, however when trying to log back in i find it still says im logged in so the connection ends up timing out, it used to be fine with the fact i could restart my client and it would work perfectly however this time ive been waiting for over an hour yet still cannot rejoin the server, im not sure if the problem is my side or server side. I however cannot kick myself as i do not pay for the server so have no access to the console and the friend who does is currently unavailable.
    I tried the following things to check if the problem was due to me;
    1. Restarted my internet adaptor
    2. Restarted my router
    3. Restarted my computer
    4. Turned my computer off entirely
    5. Joined a completely different server and stayed on until i was kicked for idle (about 15 minutes).

    Any suggestions by anyone would be helpful to me. I do apologise if this thread is in completely the wrong forum.

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