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    ok...I own the server...I am the I need to know how to make myself all powerful while the children must work for everything...they need to be on survival and recipe mode while I - again - am all do I do this?
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    What plugins do you currently have?
  3. First you should look up stuff like in game commands for OP.
    In the server's console type op yourplayername
    You will now have every single plugin and Minecraft command at your hands.
    Now make sure your ranks have the permissions increasing with rank for each plugin's options.

    /help once OP should have loads more pages available to you
    and will give a rough guide to what you can do with your plugins
    at an advanced level.

    We all learned from the very start.. my first config.. <3 I still remember it.
    Dont let it bully you... Bully it. Just chip away untill you are aware of your powers.

    Like Neo, as he suddenly sees the world turn to code before his eyes. Just like that.
    Look right through Minecraft worlds and plugins as if it's just that green code scrolling around everywhere. Congratulations. You're now an Admin God. It takes time and memory effort but so does everything. Well worth it IMO.
    A plugin list is nothing if you dont know what they do or how
    they can tie together with other plugins to create virtual plugins.

    Top Tip!
    A helper plugin that does loads of stuff and ridiculous amounts more if 1.9.1 or older version.
    A very powerful sandbox in a sandbox? (Especially for 1.9.1 much of the fabby particles sound effects and disguises are broken for 1.10. Needs ProtocolLib Works in 1.10 but with limited options still plenty to do crazy mad stuff. There is also a 1.10 semi-fixed forked version on the forums there that uses EffectsLib or something instead. Disguises are fixed with that version. Disguise as any block, mob, or even loot items.)

    Automate your plugins and other stuff, add event listeners and passive triggers,
    custom mobs, drops, crafts, run super massive commands with one click and more.
    Super massive command?
    How about a 15000 character command for a custom villager?
    spawns in a milisecond. MagicSpells is not nearly just about magic.
    You can administrate your server if design the right automatic
    spells and listeners. Make menus for shops and commands, whatever.

    Incantation type trigger for a spell? Player simply says a phrase or word and
    it responds automatically casting any number of spells.
    Player swore? auto remind 3 times (counts each time varibale +3)
    if count is 4 instead of warn cast another spell that temp bans/mutes player?
    "how do i..." automated responses.
    Add spell regions where things happen only in those regions.
    Like.. prevent blockbreaking all or specific block ids. Cause named gold gold ore to drop when mine iron ore, whatever! (Pyrite ore, fools gold, copper ore..custom skulls with metalic textures, whatever you want,)
    Give your mods wands with scrollable spells on them that perform administrative or helpful player functions. One click.. done. 100 functions on one stick?! "Riot Police Batton"?
    mods love it when you make their work exceptionally easy for them.

    You can learn how to fully control servers and massively mod them with just this plugin.
    Focus on command spells and variables, modifiers and passive triggers for now.
    This plugin can replicate or emulate LOADS of other plugins 100%
    It can also act as a middle man for API glitches and handler for other plugin events.

    Example how magicspells fixed an odd issue for me with just 2 spells.
    I turned Exp orbs off in all worlds (Worldguard) and made jobs pay player Exp for everything instead. It's ultra fast and keeps worlwide entity count down. Players can sell the Exp at signs instead of being paid cash directly by jobs 10's of 1000s of times an hour. This is exceptionally light on Vault! 1 payment instead of 10s of 1000s. Alas Exp bottles broke because of this. Thanks MagicSpells.. once again for the help. /highfive! Wait.. I wrote these spells and 2000+ more.. (since 1.7.8) Thanks! Me!

    spell-class: ".PassiveSpell"
    name: §7♦exxx§r
    always-granted: true
    - rightclick 384#expbottle
    chance: 100
    delay: 0
    cooldown: 0
    cast-without-target: true
    - expbotty
    - 384 1#consumes 1 bottle each time.

    When players go to throw an Exp bottle it consumes it,
    throws the bottle and summons an Exp orb on them.
    They dont even know the bottles are broke :D

    spell-class: ".ExternalCommandSpell"
    name: expbotty
    enabled: true
    cooldown: 0
    helper-spell: true
    temporary-op: true
    always-granted: true
    - 'summon XPOrb ~ ~1 ~ {Value:250}'
    require-player-target: false
    execute-as-target-instead: false
    block-chat-output: true
    obey-los: false
    range: 5

    exp bottles fixed.

    Feel free to try out my massive jobs config. Just review the smelts
    as I have many custom smelting options in there. It's really boring and sucks
    as a farmer to have just 2 things they can get paid for.
    "wheat.. cane and that's it?!" add all the stuff go go go. Compensate the
    extra load in event listeners with reduction in load as above. It's very good
    for server TPS AND gameplay.
    UnlimitedRecipes plugin to add custom smelts VERY easily and reliably.

    Set an essentials sign somewhere easily accessed so they can get cash for
    the player Exp they earned with Jobs things.

    Jobs? Worldguard? Massive TPS load reduction!? Barely known Pro settings?
    disable-xp-orb-drops: true

    Before doing this, at peak times do /timings on
    After about 20 minutes or so do /timings paste
    Now follow the link. Do a screen shot.
    /timings reset
    Now do as above with the Exp orbs off and jobs paying no cash but player Exp instead.
    /timings paste after 20 mins again during same peak times.
    Check out the mad difference in ticks used and CPU threads bullied by Jobs and eco
    updates. Sometimes 100s of less entities also with zero exp orbs hanging about. ;)

    MagicSpells has a modifier where player must have character level 200 or whatever
    to unlock and use a spell. Now high character levels are much more relevant and
    well worth grinding. Higher levels = more powerful spells or easy access to stuff like
    Slimefun researches that cost player levels to unlock.

    I'm loving it. So are the players as they dont have to run about for Exp orbs and can get paid
    Exp for all kinds of things that dont normally pay Exp. :)

    Whatever you do as Admin? Have, and provide fun, or you're failing. /luck
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