How to connect to your VPS server via SSH

(Secure Shell) provides a secure and encrypted way to connect to your server remotely, allowing you to perform administrative tasks and monitor server performance from your local computer. With SSH, you can remotely access your Minecraft server's command line interface, enabling you to execute commands and manage your server. This can be useful if you need to perform tasks like updating Minecraft, adding or removing plugins, or configuring server settings.

You will need to download the following applications in order to proceed: (Windows OS only)
puTTY - Download here.

Note Download and launch puTTY.exe (32 or 64-bit) under the SSH category.

How to connect to your server via SSH
1. Download and launch puTTY.exe from above.

2. Enter your Hostname and Port in the empty fields.

3. Enter your Username then press Enter.

4. Enter your Password then press Enter. (You will not see your password appear when typing).

List of common commands: click here.
Setup Minecraft server: click here.

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